The worst intellectual ability, the people of Nepal are the first IQ-News

 The data has been released that Nepalis are 199th in the intellectual level test list of residents of 199 countries. Intelligence related to income and climate, intelligence of nations prepared by the Ulster Institute, world list of countries according to average intelligence and intelligence according to an integrated construct for social sciences, the list of the lowest intellectual level of Nepalis in the world has been published by the World Population Review. List of countries with good intellectual ability. According to Ulster Institute's data, the Japanese have the highest level of intelligence, followed by the residents of Taiwan and Singapore. Hong Kong is in the fourth place, China in the fifth place, South Korea in the sixth place, Belarus in the seventh place, Finland in the eighth place and Liechtenstein in the ninth place. The Netherlands and Germany are in tenth place.

The list of countries with the worst intellectual ability. 

 In the worst intellectual ability, the people of Nepal are the first, Liberia is the second and Syria Leone is the third. Similarly, Guatemala is in the fourth place, Cape Verde in the fifth place, Gambia in the sixth place, Nicaragua in the seventh place, Guyana in the eighth place, Ivory Coast in the ninth place and Ghana in the tenth place. India is at number 143. In other words, it is mentioned in the list that the residents of India are also very weak in intellectual ability. Japan's score is the best 106.48 while Nepal's score is the worst 42.99.

Intellectual ability IQ is a measure of human intelligence. Individuals who wish to have their intelligence measured take standardized tests and obtain scores that determine their level of intelligence. The higher a person's score, the more intelligent that person is considered to be.

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