all Hindi films including 'Adipurush' in Kathmandu from 19th june

 He also requested through a letter to stop the screening of all Hindi films in Nepal until the dialogues are removed. However, the ministry has not taken any steps in this matter.

Balen Shah, the head of Kathmandu Metropolitan Municipality, wrote a status on Facebook on Thursday evening and warned that if the dialogue of 'Janki is the daughter of India' contained in the Indian film 'Adi Purush' is not shown in India within three days, no Hindi film will be allowed to be screened in Kathmandu Metropolitan City. 

The deadline is ending on Sunday. However, the dialogue of the film has not been corrected in India. In Nepal, the Censor Board ordered the dialogue to be muted. After the dialogue about Sita was not shown in the original part of the film, the Kathmandu Metropolitan City has prepared to stop the screening of all Hindi films including 'Adipurush' in Kathmandu from 19th june.

 Mayor Shah's personal secretary Bhupdev Shah said that they will ask the

halls under the metropolis not to show Hindi films and if they do not comply, the city police will be deployed. He said that since the dialogues contained in 'Adipurush' are an encroachment on the culture of Nepal, all Hindi films will be stopped in Kathmandu metropolis from tomorrow. received It is said that the city police will monitor the screening of Hindi films from tomorrow morning. 

The Kathmandu screening of another Indian film 'Jara Hatke Zara Bachke', which is being screened in the hall along with 'Adi Purush', will also be stopped from Monday. He mentioned that it is forbidden to screen any Indian film in Kathmandu city until the objectionable parts are removed from tomorrow. He believes that there is cultural encroachment on Nepal from this film. 

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