The iPhone-15 series of features and facilities

 Apple is preparing to launch its new iPhone-15 series this year in September. iPhone lovers are expecting new features and facilities from the new iPhone series this time too.

 Meanwhile, the news that the best and latest technology camera lens will be available in the iPhone-15 series has been released. It is claim

ed that Apple will have a periscope camera lens in its upcoming version of the flagship iPhone. For this, Apple is planning to include another supplier for the upcoming iPhone-15 Pro Max. The iPhone-15 Pro Max will have a periscope camera sensor. It is a type of telephoto lens, which reflects light through an angle mirror towards the camera's image sensor and achieves excellent magnification. By changing the direction of light, the iPhone-15 Pro Max can capture high-quality photos without any blurring.

five times more optical zoom will be available in iPhone-15. The current latest iPhone-14 Pro Max has three times optical zoom. For this, Genius Electronic Optical will manufacture the periscope system for the camera of the new iPhone. However, Apple has not yet responded to this matter.

 Among the iPhone-15 series, the iPhone-15 Pro will have very thin bezels. The bezels on the display will be only 1.55 mm. Along with the new iPhone, there will also be a change in the camera model. iPhone-15 Pro will have the best screen to body ratio. In other words, the phone can be made more compact without reducing the display size of the phone. It is also said that the iPhone-15 Pro series can only support E SIM. The iPhone 14 series has only been introduced in the US market as an e-SIM model, while in other parts of the world, both e-SIM and physical SIM slots will be available.

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