Xiaomi’s 12-series

 Xiaomi’s 12-series

the Xiaomi 12X,

 Xiaomi 12 with a different chipset – 

a Snapdragon 870 instead of a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.

but the 870 is still a pretty powerful chip, especially the GPU that was flagship grade a couple of years ago. 

-Snapdragon 870 also has a reputation of running cooler than the 8 Gen 1, 

Another difference between the two models is that the 12X doesn’t do wireless charging.

 the Xiaomi 12 is the better pick with 50W wireless charging (it needs less than an hour for a full charge). 

the battery and wired charging on the two models is the sa4,500 mAh and 67W 1000% 37 minutes 

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