February 14 Valentine's Day


In the 14th century, during the reign of King Claudius of Rome, soldiers were forced to marry, but the soldiers lost their vitality. Violation of the law was punishable by death. 

However, not a single captain of the army disliked this, but it was very dangerous to violate the law of the land. Inside, the captain secretly played a key role in securing many of his subordinates' marriages for marriage.

 According to the order, the captain was hanged on February 14. His name was Captain: S. ent Vallentine.

After the end of the reign of the king, the law of the Roman state was changed. Then the law became law for soldiers to marry and settle down. 

The law of the state was changed. There is a belief and belief that love is immortal and meaningful if you propose new love on this day i.e. 14th February, even if you are not married. Valentine's Day wishes with pictures of many couples.

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